Graphic depicting the Keystone Corridor and stations from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. Link To Harrisburg Transportation Center Station Page Link To Middletown Station Page Link To Elizabethtown Station Page Link To Mount Joy Station Page Link To Lancaster Station Page Link To Parkesburg Station Page Link To Coatesville Station Page Link To Downingtown Station Page Link To Exton Station Page Link To Paoli Station Page Link To Ardmore Station Page Link To Philadelphia -30th Street Station Page
Graphic depicting the Keystone Corridor and stations from Harrisburg to Philadelphia.

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Harrisburg Transportation Center
Harrisburg Transportation Center

 Project Highlights


Harrisburg Transportation Center is being modernized to improve ADA accessibility, accommodate increased ridership, provide passenger amenities, and bring the 1887 station building into a state of good repair.


The $2 million initiative includes building maintenance and necessary upgrades,​ such as:

In a separate but related effort to improve ADA accommodation, Amtrak in 2016 installed a ramp from the lobby to the passenger bridge waiting area, and installed an elevator from the passenger bridge to platform level.


Design of the station roof and observation room is complete, with construction expected to begin in late 2022.

​Funding Partners

Improvements are being led by PennDOT in partnership with Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority. The Federal Transit Administration and PennDOT are providing federal and state funding. ​​​​