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Planning Process

Goals and Approach
Beginning in 2009, PennDOT and its study team met with the communities surrounding each Keystone East station to collaboratively develop ideas and recommendations for station improvements. The goal is to increase train ridership and improve the passenger experience, while ensuring that projects complement the community’s character, align with community plans, and strengthen local economies.

Design Charrettes
At several stations, design charrettes were used to actively incorporate public input and refine ideas for station area improvements. A charrette is an intensive, typically three-day design workshop. The study team presents a “starter plan” based on research and stakeholder interviews conducted in advance. Local residents, business owners, community leaders, and other interested individuals do a hands-on review of the plan in collaboration with study leaders. Together they identify concerns, propose ideas, and consider alternatives. The design team rapidly refines the plan based on public input, and on the final day of the charrette the team presents the revised recommended improvements. These conceptual plans form the basis for subsequent detailed design.

Ongoing Public Involvement
Recommendations are being implemented as federal, state, and local funding allows. As projects move forward through detailed design and construction, PennDOT is conducting additional meetings with the public, local leaders, and property owners as appropriate. Updates are posted on this site, and we invite your input—use the comment form to submit your ideas or concerns to PennDOT.