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What is Transit-Oriented Development?

todImage: Rendering of a TOD project near the Lansdale SEPTA station north of Philadelphia

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) means developing an appealing mix of businesses, residences, and public areas in clusters around transit stations. With restaurants, shops, offices, parks, and a range of housing options within walking distance of train stations, quality of life improves. Short trips can be made on foot rather than having to rely on a vehicle, and longer trips can be made conveniently by train, which saves money and time and reduces hassles, traffic congestion, and air pollution. Station areas are alive with activity and aesthetically inviting. Surrounding streetscapes encourage a sense of community and reflect the unique identity of that neighborhood.

Whatever form TOD takes at a particular station, when investments in transit stations are made in concert with strategic local development plans according to TOD principles, people want to be there. Communities thrive and ridership increases.

All Plan the Keystone station-area recommendations are being developed in collaboration with local residents, business owners, and municipal leaders with careful consideration of TOD principles. This enables communities to derive a greater benefit from the federal and state investment in improved stations. Train stations can become a community hub that spurs desirable private sector investment and anchors local revitalization efforts.

TOD Project Example (not on Keystone Corridor)

Image: Rendering of Lansdale TOD project

The Borough of Lansdale TOD project features a public-private partnership among the Borough, a private developer, and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) to develop an underutilized parking lot adjacent to the Lansdale SEPTA commuter rail station.
Project highlights include:

-- Construction of 175 luxury apartment units.
-- Construction of 17,500 square feet of commercial/retail space on the ground level.
-- Construction of a SEPTA parking garage on the opposite side of the rail tracks, with a pedestrian bridge,
    to accommodate parking for SEPTA riders.
-- Creation of a new public plaza and connection to a regional trail.

Image: The SEPTA parking garage at Lansdale Station under construction.